Ghosts – Chip Scarinzi

(Reviewed by Jennifer Wells)


“You can’t run. From what you are.”

Ghosts by Chip Scarinzi is a crime novel with a sci-fi twist in which we’re taken through the dream-like tale of Bennett Covington.

This isn’t your average mystery. This modern world has something new coming to light. A mix of chemicals, in the wrong hands can be used to distort others’ realities.

Bennett is an everyday guy. He has a steady office job complete with a nosy coworker and moody boss. He has a family he loves that he goes home to nightly. All in all he’s you or me – standard, maybe even boring, but happy.

Of course, Bennett’s life is about to change. It all begins with a dark scene in an alley that Bennett stumbles upon. From there, Bennett is sucked into San Francisco’s dark underworld. Confusion surrounds Bennett, his family, and the reader as murders are on the rise and Bennett seems to be at the heart of it all. There’s even surveillance footage of him committing these heinous crimes. And yet, Bennett has no memory of any of it. A man named Poe and his strange holographic-like scenes, tell another story however.

We’re taken through this mystery not only through Bennett’s eyes, but through the eyes of his wife, daughter, a strange professor and the police. Even with all those viewpoints we’re left in a shroud of confusion as we discover bits and pieces along with those involved. With Bennett you’ll question his true involvement in the many many murders that surround him and because of that you’ll pull for a win for Bennett and his family even harder.

Bennett’s wife and daughter, Rose and Viv, along with the novel’s other lead roles, are written so believably, you can feel each of their emotions with them. From the very first page, this novel draws you in.

Ghosts is a must read for any fan of crime and sci-fi genres.  There are so many twists and turns that you won’t be able to put it down.

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  1. I am a huge reader and this sound great to read, I love true crime and the twist of Sci Fi sounds intriguing.

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