How to be a Gentleman: What Every Modern Man Needs to Know about Manners and Behaviors to Attract Women Now (The Modern Ladies & Gentlemen Guides Book 1) – Niel Schreiber

(Reviewed by JD Jung)

“…a real gentlemen holds his own and knows when to show strength of character and decisiveness with the aim of self-preservation, while still maintaining his chivalry and honor intact. A gentlemen knows his own worth very well and has enough confidence not to get taken advantage of.”

Being a gentleman is far from being a pushover and author Niel Schreiber explains it so convincingly in his short  guide How to be a Gentleman. 

Communication skills, attentiveness, proper etiquette and empathy are musts, as generosity is (which, by the way, has nothing to do with age or income). He then goes into detail on appearance and first impressions.

Most importantly, the author states that being a gentleman cannot be faked, but can be learned and developed. He shows  exactly how to accomplish it in this book.

Ideally, How to be a Gentleman should be read by every teenage boy, but will be of great benefit to men of all ages.

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