Mr. Wonderful – Daniel Smith

(Reviewed by Jeyran Main)

Brian Fenton’s life is not easy. His father, Doc Fenton is suffering from dementia. His own son is loopy and keeps trying to get cash from him.

Events take an interesting turn when Doc passes away. At this time the truth comes out, revealing a great deal for this Texas family.

The conflict between family life and drama is what this book focuses on. “Mr. Wonderful” is in fact Doc Fenton and he’s quite a character.

This book is well written, utilizing vivid description from the first narrative. The pace of the story is steady and I believe anyone interested in family sagas will enjoy it. Family dynamics and emphasis on diverse characters is what makes a novel work well. The author is successful in making this happen.

I particularly enjoyed the cover design, using two blackbirds and the moon. I could identify with the thought process that had gone in to creating it and felt that it definitely represented the content inside.

Attempt to read this story with the back thought of being thoroughly entertained. You won’t be disappointed.

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