Out of Darkness (Brier Hospital series) -Lawrence Gold

(Reviewed by Ishita RC)

Human Trafficking is not only abhorrent but also one of the fastest growing criminal enterprises in the 21st century. Dr. Cynthia Lange has learned about the harsh realities of life through sheer strength of character and also because she had the luck of having good people on her side. She may be a prominent physician, but when her past comes back to haunt her, can she move past it or will it tear her down?

I would like to acknowledge the author for giving me a copy of his book for an honest review.

What attracted me to Out of Darkness was obviously the sensitive topic of human trafficking which was used as a basis for the plot. Because of that, the book had a greater dimension. While the plot was beautifully developed to bring out the grim reality and the strength it requires to overcome such a shadow, I did not like the lead character, at least until the anti-climax. While she shows strength as the plot required, I found something missing in her which proved to be a deterrent for me to actually relate to her. The finesse with which the author has dealt with the topic of human trafficking and sex workers definitely needs to be applauded. But what I liked more would be the way the author brought out the hypocrisy of society. That’s the only part in the book where I truly felt the character was able to shine.

The cover image and the title is truly a compliment to the main theme of trafficking and how the character finally learns to live outside the shadows of her past.

Out of Darkness is definitely a good book solely based on the plot itself. But some people may feel at a disadvantage due to the medical technicalities and jargon that has been used. But it’s not something that you cannot look beyond.

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