Seconds to Live – Melinda Leigh

(Reviewed by Ishita RC)


Everyone has a past to run from. Wildlife biologist Mac Barrett is no different from the norm. He returns from Brazil with a physical scare and a secret in heart and ends up in a car accident where he almost runs over the naked body of a woman lying on the road.

Police detective Stella Dane knows there is trouble brewing in Scarlet Falls when drug addicts from an anonymous society are disappearing and showing up dead hours later. No one is ready to place their faith in her instinct that a psychotic serial killer is working its way through their town.

Now, Mac and Stella have to work together to find answers before the deadly game becomes personal.

The characters are excellent and complement each other well with the well thought-out plot. Being a second novel in the series, you can see the bond between the characters. But despite being a sequel, the book manages to stand apart on its individual strength as a brilliant story. It’s well choreographed with thrilling moments and a balanced climax. The ease of narrative style definitely contributed in making this an interesting read.

While the title justifies the main plot, I really didn’t like the cover image that has been employed here. It lacks the imagination and darkness that is often associated with a thriller.

Seconds to Live is a fabulous book that I will definitely recommend to all thriller fans.

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