The Billionaire’s Passionate Revenge – Jennifer St. George

(Reviewed by Ishita RC)

Love and passion…revenge, retribution and lies.

Will history repeat itself and tear two lovers apart? Or, will love be enough for once?

I have been sneaking into the world of mills and boons since the age of fifteen, and in my eyes, these are the kind of books that make reading fun. Jennifer St. George is one of my favourite authors in this genre and it was a pleasure to review The Billionaire’s Passionate Revenge, the third book in her Billionaire series.

The author narrates a love story of passion and heartbreak while uncovering a past rooted in aristocracy and social status. She also depicts a present that requires perseverance, hard work and dedication.

Two beautiful characters, heiress Lady Zara Ravensdale and millionaire Xavier Hunt are introduced to the readers as childhood sweethearts who came together in friendship, honesty, love and passion and were driven apart in lies, deception and betrayal. Xavier definitely joins the list of my favourite fictional billionaires with whom I would like to fall in love with. I can actually identify with him.

However, I did find that the story went by a little too fast, even when compared to other mills and boons. The story began and ended before I even realised, as the plot seemed hurried. Usually a storyline has the right kind of buildup. Some mills and boons have a racy element added by the erotica component. But then pace builds up in the right way. There was a certain element lacking here which rushed the story.

Even though The Billionaire’s Passionate Revenge left me wanting more, I still recommend it for the story, passion and of course Xaviar.

(Editor’s note: For our American readers, “Mills and Boons” translates to romantic women’s fiction).

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