The Marvelous Neverland of Oz (Oz-Wonderland Series Book 4) -Ron Glick

(Reviewed by Ishita RC)


This is definitely the most interesting fantasy-themed series that I have read. The plot is a mixture of Dorothy in Oz and Alice in Wonderland with a modern twist. While Wizard of Oz is a fairy tale which has captivated my imagination as a child, Alice in Wonderland is a literary classic that has always been the source of intrigue for many generations. However, the most climatic element introduced would be the world of Peter Pan and Neverland.

The author started the series with a brilliant idea in his head and was able to successfully translate it into the three installments of the series.

The narration of the first book has quite obviously been done through the two voices– one of Dorothy, who decides to continue her life in Oz-land, and another through Alice, who still believes that her adventures are nothing but dreams and her new adventure will again end up in her waking up in the comforts of her bed.

The second and third installments in the series, on the other hand, introduce new characters like the White Rabbit, the Nick Chopper and Toto the dog. However, introduction of the new characters definitely doesn’t detract from the main plot line. This book, or rather the fourth part of this series,  has a more undertone of darkness that adds an element of mystery and intrigue that is far more complicated as compared to the simplistic nature of the title of the book.

While the length of the story is kept short, each chapter has been filled with intrigue and mystery which keeps the reader  hooked to the end and definitely keeps them wanting for more. The simplicity of the language helps with the flow of the story and adds richness to characters that the readers are well acquainted with. There is a steadiness in the story and the characters that makes reading an engaging experience. Through the entire series (from part 1 to part 4) there is a flow in the story that has been maintained despite the anti-climactic ending to each book.

After all the positive remarks, you must be wondering, “What can I possibly complain about?” Well, the bone of contention for me would be the cover images that have been used. There is definitely a far greater degree of professionalism involved in the cover image for The Marvelous Neverland of Oz than those used for the other books.

I loved the book, and I am so glad that I asked for the entire series despite the request to review only the fourth book. I feel that the series will appeal to anyone who has read the original classics.

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