The Poker Game: A Jack Dantzler Mystery – Tom Wallace

(Reviewed by Cathy Carey)

“Dantzler leaned against the marble bar and surveyed the carnage. Five adult males, all deceased, were slumped over in chairs situated around a poker table, victims of what appeared to be a single gunshot to the back of the head. Each man was bent at the waist, his head, arms and upper torso lying flat on the table. Dantzler calculated the odds of them all ending in the same position as something like a million to one against, which meant the killer–or killers–probably arranged the bodies after the fact.”

Jack Dantzler, Lexington, Kentucky’s world class homicide detective, is taking lead on the aftermath of this weekly high stakes poker game.

Judge Leonard Kurtz had taken over as host in 1984 when the founding member died. Six men who have been thoroughly vetted had to bring $10,000 to the table as part of the rules of the game. The game has been played weekly for 45 years until this one fateful night. Only this night one player is noticeably absent. Could this have something to do with one of the Judge’s cases that he is presiding over?

Author Tom Wallace keeps you on the edge of your seat with this fast paced novel.
The Poker Game is a thriller that holds you in suspense throughout the entire story. You will become obsessed with finding out “who done it”, and won’t be able to put the book down until the end.

This is part of a series of books involving Detective Dantzler. However, the novel is a stand- alone story and you don’t need to have read the previous installments in order to enjoy this one.

I highly recommend this to anyone who enjoys a good murder mystery.

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