Visualize Yourself: Designing the Outcome of Your Life, One Issue at a Time – Aileen Nealie

(Reviewed by Pat Luboff)

“This is you breaking free from your current reality. Dare to expand. Dare to grow. Design your path. You have a say in everything.”

Reading Visualize Yourself by Aileen Nealie is like giving your mind a long, cool drink of the purest water on a blazing hot day. In our current world, where we are constantly assaulted by negative and violent images and anxiety-producing advertisements, it’s a great relief to spend some time in the world of light and love that Ms. Nealie creates in her book.

And it’s in this world where she gives you easy, accessible instructions on how to create for yourself through the process of visualization.  With that groundwork laid in the first section of the book, you are ready to use the technique to address specific needs for healing in your life. There are visualizations to reduce anxiety, break free from depression, release fears, and more in the “Mental Health” section. Some of the other areas covered are life transitions, relationships, food, abundance, love, and spirituality.

For a book of less than 150 pages, it packs a big bunch of positive and useful ways to use your mind to enhance your life. Indulge! Everyone needs this book!

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