Warning Order: A Search and Destroy Thriller – Joshua Hood

(Reviewed by Ishita RC)

War on terror has never been more serious or terrifying, when Mason Kane – special ops personnel with a questionable past–finds himself trapped in the middle of a plot that seems to involve intelligent minds from both sides. Survival has never been sweeter than when each turn reveals a new set of dangers that seems to have been orchestrated from the very core of his own government.

I have been in love with Matthew Reilly since the day I got my hands on one of his books. But never in my life, could I imagine a book that could compete with the sheer brilliance of Reilly’s action-packed narrative. Warning Order seriously lived up to every expectation that I had after reading this book.

Every single chapter keeps you hooked in such a way that it is a compulsion for you to finish the book before you find peace. The second book in the Search and Destroy series is simply brilliant; the plot is simple and yet flavorsome and the action packed into every single narrative and nuance helps in making the reader want for more. The characters are definitely interesting and wholesome and will make you want to learn more about them.

The cover image lives up to all expectations that you have when you come across a book on covert operations. However, I did not see why the title has been named so.

I am definitely recommending Warning Order. Personally, I am going to go hunt out the entire series now.

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