Caresaway – DJ Cockburn

(Reviewed by JD Jung)

“If Caresaway had infected the executive boards of the world’s corporations with people incapable of remorse and obsessed with short-term gain…was it any wonder that so many corporations were so badly managed?”

British scientist, Dr. Edward Crofte was a self-proclaimed victim and failure. Now living in South Africa, he is the CEO of a successful pharmaceutical company, driving a Maserati and not afraid of anything. What changed?

Crofte, along with his girlfriend Tia de Jongh, truly wanted to help people and so invented Caresaway, the only fast-acting anti-depressant that seemed to work on everyone in their test trials. What didn’t come out in the trials was that users of the “miracle” drug seemed to develop other characteristics and habits: pathological lying, glibness/superficial charm, poor behavior control, promiscuous sexual behavior, cunning/manipulative personalities and lack of empathy. In other words, they turned into psychopaths. Note, most psychopaths aren’t crazed killers.

This became a popular drug among business executives as they noticed an increase in profits and personal gain.

Since Crofte himself was depressed, he felt that he should test the drug on himself. Once Crofte discovers this dire side effect, what will he do?

I usually don’t care for novellas that are this short. The characters don’t seem developed and the plot is typically rushed. Author DJ Cockburn doesn’t fall into that trap.

Caresaway will keep you engaged at every page as you imagine what the domino effect of this wonder drug will be and what the long-term effects that this medication will have on personal lives, business and society as a whole.

I recommend Caresaway not only for the entertainment value but for a quick read that you keep you thinking.

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