Glenda Anderson

Glenda considers herself “retired”, but loves to read and is
currently working on three novels.  She holds a Bachelor of Science degree from BYU and performed as a classical pianist and sang in the Seattle Opera Company.  She taught
piano and wrote an organizational book for private music teachers that sold

After her divorce and raising four children, Glenda became a certified financial planner (CFP) and stock broker for twenty years.  She was a frequent speaker on financial planning for Boeing Aerospace, United Air Lines and the American Lung Association, and taught related courses at Bellevue Community College.

She was consistently ranked among the top ten sales representatives of each financial firm she worked for, traveling to world capitals for seminars with top-rated fund managers.

In 1990 she was one of three to represent the United States at a two-week financial forum in Salzburg, Austria, becoming a Salzburg Seminar Fellow.  She traveled to Poland, Hungary and Czechoslovakia right after the fall of the Soviet Union, meeting with
ambassadors and heads of economic departments.  The same year she was the first woman as a member of Rotary International to visit the Warsaw Rotary since 1939. She taught an all-day course at the University of Warsaw on ‘Doing Business in a Free Economy’.

Since then she has been invited to speak to several civic organizations regarding her experiences.

Glenda Anderson currently lives in Palm Desert, California.