Our Agenda

Yes, we do have an agenda…
It is simply to discover fascinating reads that probably won’t make it to the bestseller lists. We then share them with you and the world, and perhaps you’ll take our advice and indulge in these books. Hopefully the author will make a few bucks along the way and just maybe  publishers will realize that there is a demand for exceptional and unique literature.  

Finding such gems does take some some digging, but when we uncover one, it’s worth all of the effort.

We want to assure that we have no ulterior motives here.  We are avid readers and book lovers; it is not our agenda to promote our own books, or that of  a friend, lover, brother-in-law, etc.  We will try to weed out any staff members who do have such motives.

That said, what you read here is simply a person’s opinion. Take what you want and discard what you don’t find redeemable.

That leads us to the dreaded…


Please note that the opinions expressed on this site do not necessarily represent the views of the staff at underratedreads.com. By accessing and/or reading this site, you certify that you are over 18 years of age; yes, some material may be inappropriate for children and we don’t want you coming after us. You also agree to hold Underratedreads.com harmless from any liability resulting from your or anyone else’s’ use of this site or any of its linked sites.  The editors of Underratedreads.com do not assume liability from any use of any information you obtain from this site or from its sponsors or links.  We also do not guarantee the accuracy of any content obtained from this site. It is our readers’ responsibility to determine if the author’s advice is reliable.

Still want to know more? Read our FAQs.

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3 Responses to Our Agenda

  1. Marie Cheine says:

    Do you review children’s books?

  2. J D Jung says:

    Thank you Martta, for the kind words. Yes, I hope we can make a difference!

  3. Martta Karol says:

    Great concept! Your site makes a real contribution. I’ve put it on my list of resources, and will be sure to let other writers and readers know about it, too. That’s the least we can do for each other in this tough world of publishing and book promotion today.

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